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PROPS is an open, extensible Internet publishing system designed specifically for periodicals such as newspapers and magazines who want to publish online, either exclusively or as an extension of their print publication. It supports user registration, access control, staging, templates for display and paid access to archives. It is written entirely in PHP4, and uses XML with advanced syndication capabilities in mind.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  23 May 2003 11:03

Release Notes: This release has bugfixes, new modules, better archive searching, and other minor features.

  •  28 Oct 2001 13:04

Release Notes: Major changes in this release include the ability to work on multiple staging editions concurrently, weighting of stories, template tag improvements, and admin screen usability improvements. The module API is now in place.

  •  25 Sep 2001 18:11

Release Notes: This release includes some important tag fixes, cache improvements, a 'printable version' story template, aesthetic improvements in admin, and other miscellaneous fixes and additions.

  •  19 Sep 2001 06:49

Release Notes: Admin screens are now modular, and include multiuser support with a user/group permissions system and improved workflow management capabilities. Search screens and story entry/edit screens completely rewritten. Improved running on non-domain sites, improved revision tracking, new stage/publish site update process, other minor improvements added.

  •  08 Aug 2001 15:56

Release Notes: This release contains many improvements over 0.1, including initial support for caching, story versioning, new demo templates, admin story searches, and most notably a completely revamped and more robust template tag dictionary.


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