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Pronto! is a full-featured mail client written in Perl/GTK+, and a continuation of the development of CSCMail project in Perl. It supports multiple POP3/maildir and mbox accounts, imports/exports MBOX, and has full search features and VFolders, sortable filters, threaded message list, a nested folder list, drag and drop, and inbound and outbound attachments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 May 2002 08:22

    Release Notes: Pronto can now verify and decrypt GnuPG/PGP messages. The account dialog was improved for smaller screens, SMTP server ports can be configured, and POP3/SMTP retrieval can go through an HTTP proxy that supports the connect method. Saving attachments and messages remembers the last directory used, and address book sorting was fixed, along with a major bug with child folder creation, attachments with spaces in their names, and the handling of failed messages when storing them in the database.

    •  11 Sep 2001 21:40

      Release Notes: Date sorting after the billionth second passed of Unix time (due to Gtk+ sorting alphabetically) has been fixed. Deletion of folders and updating of their sibilings accordingly has been fixed. Numerous preferences that were not applied sometimes (mainly dealing with switching from threaded style to unthreaded style and vice versa) have been fixed. https:// URLs are highlighted now. There is a new Undo feature. The toolbar is completely configurable now. Drag and drop support has been added to the composer window. There are some other bugfixes.

      •  20 Apr 2001 11:20

        Release Notes: APOP time-outs, tabs not showing in messages when using an HTML widget, attaching files using the "File Selection Widget" in locales other than English, Clist view in non-threaded mode fixed. Also a new splash screen, updated German translations and support for PgSQL 7.1 and higher (for storing the actual messages in the database) have been added.

        •  13 Apr 2001 11:53

          Release Notes: Feature changes with this release: addressbook sorting is working, gettext support has been added, a new auto save sessions feature, new drag and drop file attaching, new ability to detach folder tree, ability to open many new views for folders, enhancements to the attaching file selection widget to select multiple files, fixes to the database switching scripts, and other small bug fixes/feature enhancements that can be found in the ChangeLog.

          •  08 Jan 2001 15:05

            Release Notes: Drag and Drop support between the Message List and the Folder Tree has been added.

            Recent comments

            14 Jan 2004 12:58 muhri

            Re: IMAP?

            > No IMAP support? Boo.

            Why post at all? You are on freshmeat after all - If you
            do not like my neat little client you can just go use
            others. Freshmeat is full of them!

            13 Jan 2004 18:04 ibanix

            No IMAP support? Boo.

            14 Mar 2003 02:59 CanadaGeek

            Fantastic little client!
            I really appreciate the fact that it is text only and it doesn't launch binaries (including images) unless we tell it to. Very secure - the only client I will use on Linux!

            26 May 2001 02:35 learfox

            I downloaded and ran the installer per recommendation, but
            after an hour of watching the installer download and compile `ridiculous things' under root and finish with no pronto binary installed-
            I decided to just clean up the mess and install from the RPM package.

            That worked and was a lot easier. :/

            The GUI looks like it needs some smoothing of the edges and a way
            to edit preferances would help. Otherwise it seems sufficient but not
            enough features compared to the numerous dependencies it requires.


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