Version 3.2.1 of procps

Release Notes: This release adds the -M and Z options for display of security data and makes the STAT field more like that of modern BSD. Some build problems and slabinfo error handling have been fixed as well.

    Other releases

    •  10 May 2009 23:25

      Release Notes: This release fixes minor odds and ends.

      •  24 Jun 2006 23:28

        Release Notes: This release fixes a pgrep/pkill crash, fixes "ps sm" for single-threaded apps, and fixes a problem with stale entries in the w program. A buffer overflow was fixed. SCHED_BATCH is known to ps. Terabytes of memory are supported. Documentation for top's H option was written. Time stolen from a virtual machine is displayed. Some miscellaneous patches (which Linux vendors left in locked filing cabinets with "beware of the leopard" signs) were applied.

        •  30 Oct 2005 01:29

        Release Notes: This release fixes some rare crashes, spelling errors, %CPU display of threaded apps on 2 to 9 CPUs, and operation with 512+ CPUs. It also gives "top" an "H" option for display of individual threads.

        •  26 Jan 2005 04:07

          Release Notes: This release fixes a great many minor problems and gets slabtop working on the 2.6.10 kernel.

          •  04 Nov 2004 13:55

          Release Notes: This release adds UTF-8 support to ps, along with many minor enhancements and fixes. The FAQ has been updated. Those that ship the FAQ as part of a package (not suggested) should be sure to get a fresh copy. The 2.6.10 kernel, as well as the current pre-release versions, may be used to get correct %CPU data for multi-threaded processes.


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          A framework for secure peer-to-peer networking.


          Project Spotlight


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