Version 0.27 of procenv

Release Notes: This release adds the IPC options '--shared-memory', '--semaphores', and '--message-queues'. It adds rudimentary "make check" tests. The default text output is highly structured. It adds the ability to produce output in XML, JSON, and "breadcrumb" (including CSV) formats. Adds the ability to specify indent amount, indent character, and separators (via command line or environment variable).

    Other releases

    •  25 Mar 2014 12:31

      Release Notes: Building on systems with old versions of libcap is now supported. Linux binary personality (with flags) was added to '--misc' output. The RPM spec file was fixed and the man page was updated.

      •  15 Mar 2014 02:21

        Release Notes: Improves the RPM spec file to include check phase and conditional architecture dependency logic. Updated for OpenRISC. --ranges now also shows the symbolic names (such as "LONG_MAX"). Reworked capabilities support to show effective, inheritable, and permitted values for each capability in addition to the existing bounding set value. Will also display "unknown" capabilities if run on a system whose running kernel has more capabilities than the system procenv was built on.

        •  31 Jan 2014 22:14

          Release Notes: Generates the .spec file to ensure the version stays in sync with

          •  31 Jan 2014 22:14

            Release Notes: This release adds an RPM spec file. --capabilities now displays Capsicum capabilities if available (FreeBSD 9/10+). An issue where environment display could cause a crash has been fixed. The last attacher process in shared memory display on Linux incorrectly showed the current process name rather than the last; this has been fixed.

            •  18 Jan 2014 12:59

              Release Notes: A semaphore fix for PPC and Sparc platforms.


              Project Spotlight


              A LaTeX project compilation helper.


              Project Spotlight


              A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.