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  •  30 Oct 2011 21:44

    Release Notes: A user-accessible variable to get the current job number is now available. The PRLL_NR_CPUS variable is deprecated in favor of PRLL_NRJOBS, but is kept for backwards compatibility. Lock functions have a default argument; specifying a lock number is optional.

    •  18 Oct 2011 23:53

      Release Notes: prll_seq, a simple substitute for GNU seq, was added. Five locks are now available to users should they need to synchronize their functions. Another helper function was added to ease passing and splitting of multiple arguments.

      •  18 May 2011 22:32

        Release Notes: Rewritten for POSIX compatibility. It should work in all Bourne-like shells. Quiet mode suppresses job notifications. Proper option parsing is now used. Documentation is now in the form of a man page. Several minor improvements in error handling and performance.

        •  27 Apr 2010 13:06

          Release Notes: Full output buffering and locking prevent output interleaving. Interrupting execution from within functions is possible. The license was changed to GPL version 3 or later for as well.

          •  21 Feb 2010 11:56

            Release Notes: Data can be passed via standard input. BSD and Mac OS X compatibility were added. Most dependencies have been dropped. Multiple instances of prll can be executed simultaneously. Job PID and exit code are printed. On interruption, prll waits for started jobs to finish and returns a non-zero exit code. Several tests are now available to check operation.

            •  29 Jan 2010 10:08

              Release Notes: An annoying but non-fatal error message for zsh was fixed.

              •  29 Jan 2010 10:08

                Release Notes: The README was updated with tracking of known issues. Graceful termination is done using Ctrl+C. ksharrays is enabled in zsh for prll only, without annoying users who don't like them in their sessions. The sanity check was made a build time check. Code is passed in a string instead of a shell function for shorter one-liners. A changelog is included, dumped from git.

                •  29 Jan 2010 10:08

                  Release Notes: The ability to suspend execution was added. Short usage instructions are printed. zsh users are no longer annoyed by enabling ksharrays behind their backs. Debugging and progress monitoring are helped by printing function arguments.

                  •  29 Jan 2010 10:07

                    Release Notes: This is the initial version released to the world.


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