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  •  29 Oct 2008 13:02

Release Notes: Support for JPEG comments and metadata was added. Prima now can save multiframe images.

  •  11 Apr 2008 01:40

Release Notes: Minor changes were applied to the look-and-feel under X11. Minor bugs that appeared on 64-bit architectures was fixed.

  •  21 Sep 2007 06:48

Release Notes: Images can now be loaded from and saved to streams. The image loading process can be watched and partial image displayed as loading progresses.

  •  06 Aug 2007 09:55

Release Notes: Support was added for GTK file dialogs when compiled with GTK2. The use of the mouse wheel was improved in the Calendar, ColorDialog, ComboBox, Notebooks, Scrollbar, and Sliders widgets.

  •  16 Jan 2006 06:15

Release Notes: This release features Printer::options(), the interface to OS-specific printer knobs.

  •  17 Oct 2005 11:00

Release Notes: This release adds Lists::vertical. It implements scrollable groups and notebooks. File and font dialogs have been made resizeable.

  •  21 Apr 2005 14:22

Release Notes: Functions of listboxes and outlines were extended. The syntax of Drawable::*text* methods was changed.

  •  04 Oct 2004 02:47

Release Notes: A Clipboard::UTF8 exchange format was added.

  •  05 May 2004 02:53

Release Notes: This release added message hooks, a DirectoryOutline widget, and tying properties.

  •  13 Feb 2004 14:26

Release Notes: This release adds system-specific file dialogs and Edit::undo.


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