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  •  19 Jan 2003 20:54

Release Notes: This release has gained a few more commands, its menu has been reorganized, the 'fleqn' document class option from LaTeX is fully supported, 'preview.sty' has gained a much more powerful interface for configuring previews, and a few more items are previewed by default or more correctly. Various bugs have been fixed and the installation process does a better job of getting things to work particularly for Windows users, with better documentation too. Whitespace changes will not invalidate previews as they did before. This means that outline-minor-mode is usable in XEmacs now.

  •  23 Apr 2002 05:54

Release Notes: A post-release build bug has been encountered in 0.7.2. There is no reason to upgrade unless you had problems.

  •  22 Apr 2002 20:45

Release Notes: This is a consolidation release containing mostly bugfixes. Its stability should be sufficient for third-party package providers of GNU Emacs packages. The XEmacs part still has rough edges, partly due to XEmacs internal bugs that are expected to be ironed out in future XEmacs releases.

  •  19 Feb 2002 18:41

Release Notes: It has been brought to our attention that SuSE Linux ships with a rather ancient version of the makeinfo program, which resulted in make failing to produce the documentation. 0.6b for this reason includes prebuilt info and dvi files. There is no reason to upgrade from 0.6 if you managed properly generating the documentation.


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