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  •  02 Apr 2005 22:11

Release Notes: The installation procedure has been further improved so that more configurations should now be detected automatically. The encoding support of preview-latex has been refined so that the run buffer will now yield readable output again in most situations where it can be reasonably expected to do so.

  •  12 Apr 2004 11:23

Release Notes: Several partly longstanding bugs were discovered after the release of 0.8. It has been deleted. A bug in menu handling rendered menus unusable in most Emacs variants. Format dumping did not work on many platforms due to a far-spread regexp bug only recently corrected. The XEmacs RPM used an incorrect directory.

  •  17 Dec 2002 02:07

Release Notes: A fatal last-minute bug involving GNU Emacs was fixed.

  •  16 Dec 2002 19:30

Release Notes: Release 0.7.6 is another consolidation release since AFPL GhostScript releases 7.x failed with 0.7.5. Treatment of multi-directory projects has been corrected, but you need at least AUC TeX 11.14 to make use of it. An added feature can be customized into the new 'preview-required-option-list' variable: checking the 'counters' option will make it possible to retain correct equation and section numbering even when you are regenerating single previews. Various bugs have been fixed and the installation process does a better job of getting things to work, particularly for Windows users.

  •  28 Nov 2002 17:45

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release for XEmacs. Compatibility macros caused several conflicts with other packages when preview-latex was loaded after them. In addition, the preview icon could appear doubly in the toolbar. GNU Emacs users were not affected by either bug and need not upgrade from 0.7.4.

  •  22 Nov 2002 09:44

Release Notes: This is a consolidation release containing mostly bugfixes. Several interoperability problems under Windows and with various GhostScript versions have been dealt with. The previous release lead to problems when buffers without associated filenames were put into LaTeX mode. If this occurred while first loading preview-latex, compatibility macros caused further problems with XEmacs. As a promotional measure, preview-at-point has been added to the tool bar.

  •  13 Aug 2002 23:51

Release Notes: This is a consolidation release, containing mostly bugfixes. It has to disable a broken security implementation that persists into version 7.05 of GNU GhostScript. One new feature is dumping of precompiled preambles in order to facilitate faster regeneration of previews. You can do this via a key combination or from the Preview menu which has been moved to the menu bar from the LaTeX menu. This further improves the already impressive performance even on bottom-line computers.

  •  17 Apr 2002 00:10

Release Notes: This release fixes various issues with XEmacs including an installation problem, and includes a workaround for a very ugly bug where Mule-XEmacs killed off all image display once dired is loaded. Some additional performance enhancements have been achieved, and error diagnostics have been improved.


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