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Presenting XML is a Java Web application framework for presenting HTML, PDF, WML, etc. in a device independent manner. It supports various kinds of content, including XML files, dynamic content, SQL result sets, and flat files. It provides a declarative way for applying filters and XSLT transforms to a stream of XML content in a pipeline. It allows user defined filters and serializers written as Java plug-ins. It is component based and extendable. Presenting XML may be used as a command line tool or as a framework for a servlet-based Web application.

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Recent releases

  •  21 May 2003 06:16

    Release Notes: This release added support for creating mail with alternative MimeMultiParts and attachments from serialized XML.

    •  27 Mar 2003 05:19

      Release Notes: This release focuses on some refactorizations to achieve the following objectives: to support more than one pipeline per request; to allow resources to be referenced by parameter values; to support setting parameter values; to support default fault handling at various scopes in a resources script; and to make the names of some instructions more consistent.

      •  20 Feb 2003 15:18

        Release Notes: This release introduces request mapping at the app level to direct the request to an appropriate page (HTML, WML, PDF, etc.). This replaces request mapping at the page level. The release also introduces client validation at the app level within the page and pipeline metaphor.

        •  27 Jan 2003 11:12

          Release Notes: This release now supports client-side and server-side redirect instructions that contain pipeline instructions, and supports the construction of redirect URLs as XPATH expressions evaluated against the output of the pipeline. The release includes a shopping cart sample Web app.

          •  09 Dec 2002 07:13

            Release Notes: This release introduces JDBC connection pooling and SQL database content. New sample apps have been added for converting the results of SQL queries into XML, and for chaining SAX filters and XSLT transforms in a pipeline. The underlying component model has been refactored somewhat.


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