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Release Notes: Various updates to the database schema. The main problem report window has been completely redesigned.

Release Notes: The user interface was completely updated to use the newer GTK 2.x widgets. The database creation and upgrade scripts are now included in a Gnome Druid application.

Release Notes: The majority of UI changes to comply more closely with the Gnome HIG were completed.

Release Notes: This is the first stable release taking advantage of the GNOME libraries, resulting in several minor user interface improvements. Several user-configurable items were added, the find dialog was enhanced, and user documentation was improved.

Release Notes: Interface was ported to take advantage of the Gnome libraries. Internationalization and minor UI improvements added.

Release Notes: Reports were added. The database create/update scripts were completely rewritten. Numerous user interface improvements were made. The HTML documentation was completely rewritten. The license was changed to GPL.


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Additional Netfilter/iptables modules.


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Software that provides ready to use CFEngine policy.