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26 Feb 2004 11:45 EscapeGoat

Can't get charts to work.
Although the large pdf manual is impressive, I can't get it to work. I really want to generate some maps or I wouldn't bother posting this.
If I cd into the examples directory where all the .pp3 files are and run:
"pp3 orion.pp3"
it does create a orion.eps file
However it looks nothing like the example of that is displayed in the manual other than it is Orion.
My map has a white background. Not blue
My map has some stars and constellations named
My map shows only about 1/3 of the area that the doc shows.
My map shows far less stars.
Example II:

"You can override these defaults step by step. Let's do so: Write
# Cygnus, the Swan
filename output swan.tex
switch pdf_output on
set center_rectascension 19.95
set center_declination 40.8
to the file `swan.pp3' and call
pp3 swan.pp3

By following the above commands exactly:

[root@localhost examples]# # Cygnus, the Swan
[root@localhost examples]# filename output swan.tex
bash: filename: command not found
[root@localhost examples]# switch pdf_output on
bash: switch: command not found
[root@localhost examples]# set center_rectascension 19.95
[root@localhost examples]# set center_declination 40.8
[root@localhost examples]# pp3 swan.pp3
pp3: Input script file swan.pp3 not found.

Am I doing it wrong? I guess so.
Am I following the manual instructions verbatim?
I believe I am.

So what gives?
What am I missing or what are you missing?


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