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powwow is a client program that replaces telnet for the lazy MUDder who wants some extra features. It is primarily designed for DikuMUDs, but nothing prevents its use for other types of MUDs. It is based on cancan, but was entirely rewritten. It also implements the MUME remote editing protocol, which allows you to edit text on the MUD using your own favorite editor (several texts at once if you have a windowing terminal). powwow is extendable through loadable modules to add support for new languages like Perl and JavaScript.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2006 01:40

    Release Notes: Several bugfixes for crashes, and a new command to allow configuring the alias/action group separator for people that use '@' in alias or action names.

    •  13 Nov 2005 09:40

      Release Notes: Some path problems from a gentoo patch were fixed. Compiler warnings were fixed. All commands now initialize correctly into the autocomplete buffer for tab-completion on startup. A memory leak in #if and using $variables was fixed. The #speedwalk command was added to explicitly call the speedwalk function. The documentation was updated.

      •  22 Mar 2005 12:15

        Release Notes: This release add locale support for wide characters. The way modules are loaded has changed so that symbols can be shared between modules. This allows powwow-perl to use XS-based modules like Storable, LWP, etc. There were minor bugfixes and changes to the install procedure so that online documentation is available from a default install. the Debian package now also includes documentation.

        •  15 Mar 2005 02:01

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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