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  •  26 Mar 2013 12:35

    Release Notes: This first release in a decade brings 64-bit fixes and compatibility with recent compilers. There are no new features.

    •  04 Feb 2003 06:58

    Release Notes: The most significant new feature is APOP. Other work includes the addition of retrieving forwarding addresses from LDAP and further standards compliance. An experimental RPM is available for this release.

    •  29 Dec 2002 11:53

    Release Notes: This is a large release with tons of bugfixes and usability enhancements. Additionally, generic LDAP support was added, which should allow PowerMail to speak to most LDAP schemas currently in use. Building the MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL userbases has been made easier because of more sensible path and filename defaults.

    •  10 Dec 2002 11:08

      Release Notes: The code is now available under the GNU GPL. PostgreSQL and Oracle drivers have been added. This is currently a source only release, but binary builds are expected to return shortly.

      •  13 Sep 2002 08:49

      Release Notes: This version now runs the .TK toplevel domain mailforwarding and is the result of the work needed to make PowerMail scale to the 1000+ concurrent connections sometimes needed to handle the .TK mailflow. Furthermore, the Oracle userbase can now read its SQL query from the configuration instead of being hardcoded.

      •  30 Aug 2002 10:03

      Release Notes: Previous versions of PowerMail neglected to close discarded MySQL connections, which under certain circumstances could lead to resource exhaustion. This situation can be triggered by spammers doing a dictionary attack on a domain. PowerMail is now free-as-in-free-beer for installations with less than 50 mailboxes.

      •  28 Aug 2002 11:57

      Release Notes: Two RFC violations in the POP implementation which could lead to slow operation with some clients were fixed. Furthermore, some optional POP features have been implemented, which will allow some clients to operate better. Netscape Mail now draws a progress bar while downloading large messages. Logging was improved slightly.

      •  03 Aug 2002 15:24

        Release Notes: Valgrind helped resolve many memory leaks and other memory errors. A PostgreSQL userbase is now included, as well as support for catch-all mailboxes and mailforwards. Furthermore, additional database connections are now spawned if the system load warrants it. For Oracle licensees, an Oracle driver is available.

        •  14 Jul 2002 14:15

        Release Notes: The SMTP error codes were improved to better reflect account non-existence. The {md5} and {crypt} password encryption methods and a handy crypting/hashing tool were added. The infrastructure for LDAP, Radius, and Oracle backends was laid down. Minor bugs were fixed, and the documentation was improved.

        Release Notes: Lots of polishing was done to prepare this software for external use. Currently only Linux binaries, in DEB and (vendor neutral) RPM format, are available. This version is in production in some places, but it shows rough edges. Feedback to the authors is welcome.


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