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PowerMail is a redundant and distributed system for receiving mail via SMTP and storing it for users to access with POP. The way PowerMail works is quite unorthodox, and its design emphasizes speed and efficiency. Modified Maildir mailboxes allow PowerMail to employ hardlinks to save diskspace and deliver messages with thousands of recipients instantly. PowerMail can operate self-sufficiently or cooperate with a regular MTA to support mail forwarding.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Mar 2013 10:17

    Release Notes: This first release in a decade brings 64-bit fixes and compatibility with recent compilers. There are no new features.

    •  04 Feb 2003 14:58

      Release Notes: The most significant new feature is APOP. Other work includes the addition of retrieving forwarding addresses from LDAP and further standards compliance. An experimental RPM is available for this release.

      •  29 Dec 2002 19:53

        Release Notes: This is a large release with tons of bugfixes and usability enhancements. Additionally, generic LDAP support was added, which should allow PowerMail to speak to most LDAP schemas currently in use. Building the MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL userbases has been made easier because of more sensible path and filename defaults.

        •  10 Dec 2002 19:08

          Release Notes: The code is now available under the GNU GPL. PostgreSQL and Oracle drivers have been added. This is currently a source only release, but binary builds are expected to return shortly.

          •  13 Sep 2002 12:49

            Release Notes: This version now runs the .TK toplevel domain mailforwarding and is the result of the work needed to make PowerMail scale to the 1000+ concurrent connections sometimes needed to handle the .TK mailflow. Furthermore, the Oracle userbase can now read its SQL query from the configuration instead of being hardcoded.


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