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SQL Power Architect

SQL Power Architect is a data modeling tool with additional features geared specifically for data warehouse and data mart design. It allows the designer to open multiple concurrent source database connections, create and explore profiles of the source data, discover differences between two schemas (even if they're on different database platforms), drag and drop source schemas, tables, and columns into the data modeling playpen, and forward engineer the resultant target database and its associated ETL template.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Dec 2010 20:45

    Release Notes: A number of bugs were fixed. DDL generation was improved. Other fixes includes corrections to relationship label layout, and correcting comments on tables when saving and loading.

    •  17 Aug 2010 18:48

      Release Notes: There is a new validation framework that replaces the old quick fix system for forward engineering. A validation manager window allows users to specify what validations apply to their project. On forward engineer the validator will check if the data model follows the desired restrictions and provide error messages with suggested fixes. The major UI change is that now users can open multiple projects in one window. Each project will appear in a different tab. This release also comes with several bugfixes, including a fix where adding a data source that is invalid will no longer display numerous error messages.

      •  08 Mar 2010 16:23

        Release Notes: This release updates the SQL Server driver. Users can now connect to SQL Server 2008 (requires Java 6 and up). It also has improved saving. Users will now be warned if they are about to save over a file with a different version. Additionally, users will be warned if they are trying to open a file that has been saved with a newer version. With the updates, the Copy Table Data panel was fixed. Users can expand and navigate the data sources in this window again.

        •  29 Jan 2010 01:19

          Release Notes: This release contains several bugfixes. There has been a fix to the MySQL DDL generator to prevent exceptions when forward engineering comments. The copy and paste feature has also been updated to no longer cause illegal state exceptions when pasting into a different schema.

          •  02 Dec 2009 23:24

            Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release with a few new features, including German and Brazilian Portuguese translations, DDL forward engineering support for the H2 database platform, and support for using Apache Velocity templates for HTML reports. Notable bugfixes include fixes for graphical artifacts when moving items around the Playpen at non-default zoom levels, and a properly functioning 64-bit Windows installer.


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