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Release Notes: The options parser of each encoder was improved to also accept a dict of options. An alttext option was added to the renlinear renderer which allows alternative human readable text to be specified.

Release Notes: The QR Code encoder was improved so that it performs mask evaluation for full mode symbols.

Release Notes: Support for hiding the asterisks in the human readable text of Code 39 symbols was added.

Release Notes: The efficiency of the OneCode encoder was improved by replacing routines that generate tables of constants by the tables of constants themselves.

Release Notes: Dupport for FCC type 45 (Reply Paid Barcode) was added to the Auspost symbology.

Release Notes: The PDF417 encoder was amended to opportunistically raise the error correction level if there is a better fit to the derived size of the matrix.

Release Notes: The ISBN encoder was slightly improved so that it automatically generates the check digit even when the user does not omit the final dash from the input.

Release Notes: Human-readable text support was added to RSS-14, RSS Limited, OneCode, and Pharmacode symbologies. The default font and spacing for specifically aligned text was changed to make it more consistent with default text placement. A bug that made textxalign=left ineffective was fixed.

Release Notes: Example options fields were added to the individual encoders.

Release Notes: A raw encoder was added to make it easier to create miscellaneous symbols in a custom symbology.


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