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Release Notes: The options required to enable a customisable border around any barcode symbol were added to the renderer.

Release Notes: The ISBN encoder was upgraded to support the emerging ISBN-13 symbology.

Release Notes: The isbnfont, isbnsize, and isbnpos options were added to allow the independant manipulation of the upper part of the human readable text within the ISBN symbology.

Release Notes: Optional whitespace guards have been added to the human readable text of EAN barcodes. The position of the first character of EAN-13s has been adjusted to guard the whitespace to the left of the bars.

Release Notes: The ability to allow the code to remain resident within most printer's PostScript virtual machines, until a hard reset is performed, was added.

Release Notes: The default textpos for EAN-2 and EAN-5 was changed so that it is now a function of the supplied height. Delimiter comments were added around the encoders so that the file can be easily parsed as a template.

Release Notes: Delimiters were added around individual encoders to simplify parsing.

Release Notes: A user option to override the default barcode height was added.

Release Notes: The option passing mechanism was improved to allow the user to override many default variables.

Release Notes: The ability to suppress checkdigit for codabar, code39, code93, and interleaved 2 of 5 symbologies was added.


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