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Release Notes: An encoder for the Reduced Space Symbology RSS-14 was added.

Release Notes: An encoder for the new OneCode symbology used by the US Postal Service was added

Release Notes: The Postnet, Royal Mail, AusPost and KIX encoders have been amended so that the metrics of their default symbols confirm strongly to their respective specifications.

Release Notes: The options barcolor, textcolor, bordercolor, showbackground, and backgroundcolor were added to the renderer. A flaw in the derivation of the top border height was fixed.

Release Notes: A new encoder for the bar codes used by the Australian Postal Service was added.

Release Notes: A new encoder for the KIX symbology used by the Dutch postal service was added.

Release Notes: An options parser was added to the renderer. Each renderer was modified to pass a copy of its user-defined options to the renderer. A new user-definable option called inkspread that reduces the width of the bars was added to the renderer.

Release Notes: Support for the Royal Mail/RM4SCC symbology was added. A minor fix was made to the positioning of human readable text in the PostNet symbology.

Release Notes: Human readable text was added to the remaining encoders. Support for a string of options to enable or disable features of an encoder for each barcode instance was added.

Release Notes: Human readable text, with an option to suppress display of the check digit, was added to Code-39, Interleaved 2 of 5, and Postnet symbologies. The ability to suppress human readable text to EANs, UPCs, ISBN, and all other symbologies that show text was added. Encoders now pass font information to the renderer. The encoders were restructured to prepare for the passing of switches to enable or disable features of the encoder.


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