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  •  17 Mar 2002 06:02

Release Notes: This release has a major emphasis on security features and improved stability. There is better session management, configurations have moved to a database, the new modules system allows backwards compatibility, and better support for legal and privacy factors.

  •  03 Dec 2001 12:55

Release Notes: This version of PostNuke, codename 'Rogue', features a new unified admin/user permissions system, MD5 passwords for added security, a DB abstraction layer (based on the ADODB architecture), support for running multiple sites from one code-base, a language tool that assists in the creation of lingual files, support for wiki and bbcode for text input formatting, more modularizations, and support for conversions from myPHPNuke. Virtually all reported bugs have been eliminated.

  •  09 Oct 2001 02:01

Release Notes: Modularization, speed, and flexibility enhancements added; especially to language and admin systems. Statistics for time and originator of connections, "TextSanitizer" to makes text input easier, better support for in-line links, and Custom start page option added. Download is smaller (only 742K).

  •  31 Jul 2001 11:20

Release Notes: Multi-Lingual functions were added throughout the program. An advanced blocks system was added. user.php was reorganized. Various bug fixes were made.


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