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PostNuke is a Weblog/portal system featuring an extremely easy-to-use Web-based installation script. It is extremely developer and community friendly, with active development progressing, support forums around the world, and live support via its own IRC network. It was originally based on PHP-Nuke, but was rewritten with security and performance in mind.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2007 19:37

    Release Notes: This release addresses a few bugs found in version 0.763 and includes a security fix for PostNuke installations. As a result, PostNuke Web site administrators should update immediately. PostNuke should be run in a register_globals = Off environment for the best security. Major changes have occurred since the last version posted to freshmeat.

    •  07 Dec 2002 21:25

      Release Notes: A new free banner positioning and a new banner sideblock were implemented. All modules and the core have been secured against cross site scripting and other attacks. A new visual editor with upload capabilities was enabled. A new members list was created. Hundreds of bugfixes were made. Adodb was upgraded to 2.50. Support was added for register_globals = off (for full compatibility with php 4.2x and above. Apache 2.0.x is now supported. The pnIntrusion detection system was enhanced. Admin settings were added for censor, pnAnticracker, and article display. New admin icons were added. wBloggar support was added.

      •  30 Jul 2002 21:13

        Release Notes: This release has bugfixes to the session code and various other modules.

        •  17 Mar 2002 11:02

          Release Notes: This release has a major emphasis on security features and improved stability. There is better session management, configurations have moved to a database, the new modules system allows backwards compatibility, and better support for legal and privacy factors.

          •  22 Jan 2002 02:35

            Release Notes: Many bugfixes, some security fixes, and some aesthetic fixes.

            Recent comments

            26 Sep 2004 05:38 arraffaele

            Similar to Webmatic WCE
            It's interesting to compare postnuke to this new content manager (Webmatic (, I think there is some similar positive aspect in the two PHP/MySQL scripts.

            30 Jul 2002 14:16 thalinor

            we need to keep it more up to date :)
            PostNuke .71? yeah, its hard to keep track with all those sites,,, you name it.


            13 Jun 2002 18:22 datavortex

            Re: The most dependable and sturdy option

            > Is there any easy to follow instructions
            > / tutorials out there that get you
            > started with postnuke

            I reccomend checking out this ( title=Info on Getting Started guide) page for some basic getting started info (or download PDF directly here ( title=PostNuke Getting Started Manual)), if you find the INSTALL file and other instructions insufficient.

            13 Jun 2002 09:26 adrianjones

            Re: The most dependable and sturdy option
            Is there any easy to follow instructions / tutorials out there that get you started with postnuke

            18 Mar 2002 12:46 datavortex

            The most dependable and sturdy option
            There are a lot of PHP portals, content management, and blogging tools around now. Having tried most of them, I can say with a high degree of confidence that PostNuke is the best of its breed. The code is API and standards-based (as of the now-current version .71), and follows good practices and standards. The features are plentiful, modular, and actively developed. Functionality is easily added to the system, as the core is seperate from the availible add-ons. The system is also themes-based, letting you easily alter the look and feel of your site while abstracting from the functionality. If you are considering deploying any content management system for your webpage that supports user functionality, dynamically adjustable content, and easy expandability, you should definitely give this system a look over.


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