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Hi! The past months I've been working on an idea for a distributed discussion forum. The protocol for it is called POSTNET and version 0.1 BETA is ready. It must still be considered an experimental service. POSTNET is something like the USENET with the difference that posters keep their posts. So unlike the USENET where huge amounts of data circulate the network, in POSTNET the data remains in the poster. In POSTNET every user has full knowledge of his/her posts and partial knowledge of the replies to their posts. It pretty distributed! This has advantages and disadvantages. Some interesting good things: (- ) Spam free. Spammers like everybody else keep their posts. They can have it. (-) Nobody owns your posts. Posts are *really* owned by their owners. Nobody can deny access to POSTNET. (-) In postnet your are the moderator and administrator of the replies to your posts (no hard work, its automatic by default). (-) You can edit a post AFTER submission, but others can tell you did so (because the CRC is distributed). Not-so-good consequences: (-) All data may not always be available. If a poster is off-line, its not possible to view their post. (-) Posters are responsible for their backups! So it is a *different* thing with *different* rules, and I'm not sure how it will evolve and how it will be eventually used. What's been done: (- The protocol is simple, efficient and complete. (- The implementation of it IS tested but the real testing will be done when many people start using it and over slower connections. So in a way it is not even BETA. (- The interface is HTML from a WWW gateway of the POSTNET server. So it may just look like slashdot or whatever the user wants. Well, check it out and help in its development. If you have a static IP you can just start a new thread in POSTNET. Just announce the thread and C-Ya in POSTNET!


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08 Feb 2002 19:54 Bert690

Re: uServ
Sorry I'm an idiot and didn't HTMLize the link:
uServ Info Page (

08 Feb 2002 19:53 Bert690

Cool idea... you might want to check out uServ (, not 'cause it's the same thing, but because the ideas in there might be useful to extend the reach of who can use your system (e.g. firewalled, offline, and users w/ dynamic IP).



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