Comments for PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP

22 Feb 2008 16:53 merreborn

Bug in session_write function
The pgsql_session_write function has a flaw -- it relies on pgsql_session_read to INSERT the database row.

While pgsql_session_read() is called before pgsql_session_write() 99.9% of the time, there's one case in which this doesn't happen -- when session_regenerate_id() is called. PEAR_Auth calls this function, rendering it incompatible with this package.

Fortunately, the fix is simple:

add a call to pgsql_session_read($key) to pgsql_session_write().

26 Jan 2002 06:04 mystran

Re: Nice

To make my self more clear:

It does update in one transaction, great, but if you happen to be loading two pages with same session at the same time you lose changes by one of them on update. Quick solution might be just to wait until the first page is finished... this may happen with frames and with users browsing with more than one window, especially when the server is a bit loaded or you are doing something slow on one of the browsers..

26 Jan 2002 05:59 mystran

Only that I'd like to rather have session handler as a module (is this possible ?).
Some locking to allow safe clustering would be nice, and enable one to use it for corporate-class applications..


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