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  •  21 Jan 2004 01:07

Release Notes: This version catches up on minor bugfixes that were included in the experimental release.

Release Notes: This release features consistent XCLIENT/XFORWARD protocols and fully working fallback to an alternate SMTP server if a delivery attempt fails in the middle of a session.

Release Notes: This snapshot added a few features and some safety checks in preparation for the transition from post-2.0 snapshot releases to the official 2.1 release.

Release Notes: This release adds support to blacklist domains by their mail servers or by their name servers. It can also be used to block mail from domains that resolve to Verisign's mail dump for non-existent domains. It supports LDAP session sharing between lookup tables in the same Postfix process.

  •  08 Sep 2003 02:38

Release Notes: Workarounds were implemented for two Solaris bugs.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes were made to the DNS code.

Release Notes: This patch fixes a denial of service condition in the Postfix smtpd, qmgr, and other programs that use the trivial-rewrite service. The problem is triggered when an invalid address resolves to an impossible result. This causes the affected programs to reject the result and to retry the trivial-rewrite request indefinitely.

Release Notes: This release adds policy delegation to an external server as well as support for multi-valued RBL services.

Release Notes: The server can now be configured to send all mail with a proxy server. This release added a new CIDR-based lookup table, support for !/pattern/ (negative matches) in PCRE lookup tables, a new receive_override_options parameter that eliminates the need for different cleanup service instances before and after an external content filter, and finer control over how long the SMTP daemon waits for completion of address verification probes. The LDAP client is now more robust.

  •  30 Jun 2003 11:06

Release Notes: After the last change to postdrop, postcat no longer recognized maildrop queue files as valid. The safe_open(O_CREAT) race condition exploit-avoiding code tries a little harder when it encounters a race condition. References to "simulated virtual domains" have been replaced with "virtual alias domains".


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