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27 Jun 2012 13:56 bjoernjacke

just looking for a place to report bugs on Postfix. No obvious hint on abourt where to report bugs. Google isn't helpful neither. Is the "where to report bugs" just so well hidden or don't you want bug reports?

23 Jan 2011 19:41 gvy

The project summary pleads for a facelift. 8)
(btw, remember sendmail?)

17 Feb 2003 19:10 crippler

Some thoughts on Postfix
Let me get the negatives out of the way FIRST.

1) License sucks. Why couldn't IBM have released this under one of the big licenses like BSD or GPL? If this had been BSD licensed, we'd probably see it overtake Sendmail by now (even in Linux distros).
2) Back end database support. It's been a bit lacking. My understanding from the mailing list archives is that the maintainers are putting security, performance & stability over features. This is a noble cause which I am hesitant to criticize. But as a Postfix user I sometimes feel as if it would better serve me with more flexible back end options.

Stuff I like:
1) Easy to set up. It has a big config file, but it is in plain english and well commented. You don't have to read a book before setting it up.
2) Drop-in replacement for Sendmail. It replaces the command-line sendmail utilities and everything.
3) Secure. You hardly ever hear anything about Postfix vulnerabilities on Bugtraq.
4) Fast. I've set up some large mailing list servers on Postfix and it just rrrrrips.

Overall I give it an 8 out of 10. The license bugs me but there is not a lot that can be done about that now, at least not by the Postfix maintainers (but IBM could retroactively re-release their code under BSD or GPL and Postfix could opt to relicense their copious additions). There isn't a lot of push for this so I won't hold my breath.

18 Sep 2001 13:41 Ironcraft

Forget sendmail, install Postfix - real-drop-in-replacement, nice configruation, fast, reliable - perfect

12 Jan 2000 08:40 AHinMaine

I've been using it since the Postfix 19990317 release and I've never had any trouble with it. Drop in replacement for sendmail that doesn't require aspirin to configure. And performance is *great*, too.

05 Jan 2000 09:25 zerbey

I'm impressed
And that takes a lot! I tried Postfix after hearing good reports and first impressions are that it's a superb mail server, I managed to make a complete mirror image of my existing sendmail setup in a couple of hours from first downloading it. Looking forward to seeing how well it performs when I start hammering it :-) Thanks!

26 Dec 1999 02:58 karellen

postfix is very good
Ok, with the world writable directory fixed postfix became
a very good MTA. Eventually I got rid of qmail and installed
postfix after several people told me it's fast and reliable.
It even supports MySQL database lookups now and other advanced
stuff and the IBM license it's distributed under is surprisingly
liberal. Postfix has also made it into Debian/Potato. Thanx
again Wietse.

07 Mar 1999 19:02 castro

World writable maildrop issue
As of December 30, 1998, Postfix offers a choice between a
world-writable maildrop directory and a protected one.


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