Version 0.62 of Postal

Release Notes: The program now compiles with no warnings on GCC 3.2. The installation documentation was improved.

Other releases

  •  14 Jan 2012 09:52

    Release Notes: LMTP support was added. User-list file parsing was improved. rabid now correctly checks the '.' at the end of the results of the list command. Deprecated GNUTLS library calls were removed. MD5 checking was rewritten and fixed, and Subject, Date, and Message-ID headers were added to the check. There were many minor changes.

    •  26 May 2008 13:55

    Release Notes: Minor changes were made to the documentation. It is now possible to build without SSL support.

    •  18 Apr 2008 16:41

    Release Notes: This release really fixes the bugs that stopped it compiling on GCC 4.3, and the majority of the warnings.

    •  09 Apr 2008 00:11

    Release Notes: This version now builds correctly without GNUTLS, on OpenSolaris, and with GCC 4.3. Some build warnings were fixed.

    •  02 Jul 2007 03:45

    Release Notes: The license was changed to GPLv3.


    Project Spotlight


    A high performance document database.


    Project Spotlight


    An interactive Web spreadsheet allowing concurrent table editing.