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Positron is a video editing application based on Blender. It supports real-time HD and SD editing, an easy-to-learn, user-friendly, intuitive user interface, professional colour correction, DVD authoring, sound editing, a full complement of transitions and fades, editing proxies, renderfarm ability, node-based composition, and much more.

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  •  16 Jul 2005 00:29

Release Notes: The Blender code was forked and a knife tool and roll tool were added. The Image Viewer is now Video Sequence Viewer.

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17 Jul 2005 07:56 dlphillips

features real and unreal
I mean no disrespect to the developers of Positron and I wish them the best of success. However, it does them disservice to announce features as "supported" when in fact they aren't in the current releases. For example, the FM announcement states that sound editing is supported, but the release page indicates that it is only planned (or being worked on). I'm sure the Positroners will eventually support the feature, but meanwhile it isn't there, and it is somewhat misleading to say it is.


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