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Release Notes: The main goal of this release was to improve stability and remove bugs. New features such as creation of diagrams from the tool bar and self-calls in sequence diagrams have been added.

Release Notes: Tool bar has been extended, icons redesigned, loading and saving is much more stable, and release is more reliable in general.

Release Notes: This release has a number of feature enhancements and bugfixes. Comments to model nodes can be added, graphic primitives can be used within the diagrams, code generation for Netbeans/Forte module and JavaWebStart has been added, and there is improved support for Solaris.

Release Notes: This is the second public beta version and the first to be announced on a large scale. New additions include a toolbar in the main window, a progress dialog for loading and saving, an experimental zooming feature, layout-on-demand, a new version of OCL-Editor, and enhancements to the German localization. Bugfixes include a fix for XMI-Exceptions when handling with attributes/methods, a fix for ZipException when handling complex projects, a fix for Exception in undo stack, a fix for NPE when no locale is set, and many more small fixes. Diagrams can now be safely removed from a project. In Netbeans/Forte, a problem with disappearing workspace tabs was solved. Netbeans/Forte buttons are now used whenever possible.


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