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PortSensor is a powerful Windows/Unix server monitoring tool with Linux/Mac/Windows clients. Sensors can be created to monitor nearly any TCP/UDP service, such as: HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, MySQL, and DNS. Custom sensors can be created to monitor your other critical server metrics, such as processor loads, mail queue loads, disk space usage, and log activity.

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  •  07 Feb 2008 06:50

Release Notes: This release completely redesigned the monitoring system to share sensor information with anyone using feeds from a Web-based server. Scalability has been drastically improved by moving monitoring out of the desktop application. You can now easily create custom monitors and viewers using your preferred programming tools.

  •  21 Jan 2007 17:15

Release Notes: This version adds operators (lt, gt, etc.) to simply the creation of Custom Notification Rules, notification and status UI improvements, improved notification email messages, and the opening up of PortSensor for unlimited servers and sensors even without a license.

  •  13 Dec 2006 04:10

Release Notes: This version features the ability to escalate alerts with multiple alarm types. You can start with a subtle, proactive warning concerning an sysadmin task like freeing disk space on a server. If the situation worsens, PortSensor can escalate to full blown alarms. Other improvements include Mac OS X (x86) support and lots of performance and usability optimization.

Release Notes: You can now delay a slower metric like Disk Space checking to every 15-20 minutes, while CPU Load is checked every minute. You can download new plugins and updates from inside PortSensor. The SSH library provides terminal support. Memory leak issues with sensors and jobs have been fixed. An SSH Delegate has been added to group multiple commands run against the same server. To assist with installs using hundreds of sensors, sensor batching with a configurable amount of concurrent sensors to run has been implemented. Support for SNMP v1/v3 was added using SNMP4J.

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