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portfwd is a small user-level daemon which forwards incoming TCP connections and/or UDP packets to remote hosts. Multiple forwarders can be specified in a flexible configuration file. There is support for FTP forwarding and transparent proxy.


RSS Recent releases

  •  30 May 2005 00:00

Release Notes: A 'fragile' configuration keyword was added to make the daemon quietly retry connections against unstable servers. The maximum number of open file descriptors now defaults to FD_SETSIZE.

  •  30 Dec 2003 13:24

Release Notes: A minor bugfix against the previous pre-release.

  •  26 Feb 2003 01:13

Release Notes: A bug in FTP forwarding has been fixed.

  •  07 Sep 2002 00:45

Release Notes: Compatibility changes for compilation under gcc 3.2 have been added.

  •  11 Jul 2002 22:47

Release Notes: Portability fixes have been added for Solaris and FreeBSD.

RSS Recent comments

30 Jun 2000 15:45 felipemc

Everton está de parabéns, o portfwd é um ótimo produto, muito flexivel e facil de ser configurado. Era exatamente o que eu procurava para solucionar meu problema de IP's. Com um único arquivo de configuração você faz tudo relacionado a redirecinamento de portas.

Congratulations to Everton , the portfwd is a great product: flexible, powerfull and very easy to configure. Is exactly what I'm looking to resolve my limit of IP numbers. In a simple, and local structured config file, you can control everything related to port redirection.

simply a 'must have'.


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