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Portal API is a PHP framework that let developers concentrate on the functionality of the Website they are coding. It gives them with a core system with pluggable modules that can be added to the portal's pages with a single line of code. Portal API contains pre-built modules for content management (CMS) as well as user/group administration. Example applications are ready for deployment and testing. Portal API provides templates (through Smarty), database abstraction (through PEAR's libraries), localization and browser detection, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2002 07:10

    Release Notes: Modified the NavBar class (added new parameters) and the CText class in order to parse content correctly, added a new version of Smarty (2.0.1), and fixed an error during the creation of the URL to the images of the topics, and a visualization error in the articles list. Support was added for a Smarty debugging console, a query() function to do queries on the DB with an SQL string, and cookies in the login function.

    •  28 Feb 2002 15:07

      Release Notes: Major fixes were made to content editing (articles and news) and SQL scripts for DB creation and initial population. Some warnings during user authentication were fixed. Pages are now automatically compressed if PHP is compiled with zlib and the client's browser supports gzip compression. Various fixes were made to navigation bars, warnings, and default templates.

      •  31 Jan 2002 16:42

        Release Notes: Some minor bugs in news and user management were fixed. Some topics-related strings in the language files were fixed. portal_pgsql.sql was fixed so that it no longer creates to drop/create a default database. A new template check system was added.

        •  28 Jan 2002 23:16

          Release Notes: Default for error_reporting in header.php, complete phpBB2 integration, setting error_reporting to E_ALL in header.php, a fix for the groups extraction procedure in user.php, news and articles modules can manage comments through the phpBB2 module, ability to call a module function from within another module, some changes to the DB schema, fixes for some missing strings in the language files, and a new version of the example site (1.0 beta 3) and admin (1.0 beta 3).

          •  12 Jan 2002 17:24

            Release Notes: Some minor bugfixes and a lot of feature enhancements in the admin application.

            Recent comments

            28 Feb 2002 08:52 tanis2000

            Portal API is shipping with an example admin interface for a CMS.
            Both the admin and an example site are available for download from SourceForge at


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