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Release Notes: Added support for Qpopper.

  •  28 Mar 2002 01:19

Release Notes: This release fixes a race condition in where relaying information could have been lost.

Release Notes: Sending a HUP signal to the daemon now causes it to reload the configuration file. More abstract database creation and format methods were added. Separate config files are now included for various Unix distributions. The run time was made more efficient. All forms of documentation were revamped. Setup was made easier. Mail server support was improved. The init script for Red Hat based distributions was improved.

  •  29 Dec 2001 15:04

Release Notes: $VERSION information in all modules, and updated documentation.

Release Notes: The poprelay_ipop3d agent now offers a wider range of support. The poprelay_vpopd agent for supporting the vpopd daemon has been added. All documentation has been greatly enhanced.

Release Notes: This release adds Access database support, more documentation, and File::Tail support.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes handling signals, more documentation, and new features such as the ability to optionally restart the mail server.

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Project Spotlight


A simple application for sorting data in your browser.


Project Spotlight


A lightweight SSL/TLS library supporting up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2.