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28 Mar 2002 00:53 khoerling

Mail::POPRelay Version 2.0.1 Released
Please upgrade from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 soon as possible. A race condition was fixed in where relaying information could have been lost. This bug was introduced in the 2.0.0 release and does not apply to anyone running an older version.

05 Mar 2002 14:02 khoerling

Mail::POPRelay Version 2.0.0 Released

I highly recommend upgrading to version 2.0.0
soon as possible. Busy servers hosting many
POP accounts will especially benifit from the
improved efficiency. Skim the Changlog for a
full list of changes and email me if questions

Warm Regards,

30 Nov 2001 21:18 khoerling

Updated Tarball and Project Branches

I've been informed that the vpopd agent was
missing from the original tarball -- so, it has now
been added. Please re-download the new tarball
if your setup needed that support.

Lastly, the "Stable" branch has been removed
while the "Unstable" branch was renamed to


19 Nov 2001 21:19 khoerling

New Releases
I'm planning to release development version 1.0.0
of Mobile POP Relay soon. A "Stable" release
branch will be created from this version while
development will still occur in the original branch.



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