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  •  23 May 2006 01:49

Release Notes: A couple of optimizations specific to x86-64 have been applied to the included MD5 routines.

  •  13 Apr 2003 01:02

Release Notes: libpam_userpass support has been added (with pam_userpass 0.9+).

  •  04 Mar 2003 15:32

Release Notes: Version identification (popa3d -V) has been added, and the logging of abnormally terminated POP3 sessions has been improved.

Release Notes: This release adds two interoperability fixes and makes the code ISO C99 compliant.

Release Notes: Parts of the daemon code are now run in a chroot jail. qmail-style ~/Mailbox support was added. The inetd vs. standalone mode setting has been made runtime configurable.

Release Notes: Logging was improved, and optional libwrap support added. Source code was cleaned for SUSv2 correctness.

Release Notes: Replaced the GNU MD5 routines with own public domain implementation, relaxed the license for the entire package to BSD and (L)GPL-compatable. Support for Linux-PAM 0.74+ binary prompt macros. Portability improvements, smaller binary size.


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