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pop3check is small, fast mail checking application that queries POP3 servers for new mail. It was written in C and aims to be very configurable. Most notable features include: multiple POP3 server support, header summaries, and command execution upon notification of new mail.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Nov 2001 14:35

    Release Notes: Header summaries can now be forwarded to another email address, and repeated connect() failures no longer lead to socket() failures.

    •  05 Sep 2001 09:20

      Release Notes: Folded header lines are now unfolded per RFC822 3.1.1 so that folded subject lines are no longer truncated. Segmentation fault caused by -u or -p not being specified on commandline with mailserver has been fixed.

      •  27 Jul 2001 15:32

        Release Notes: This version fixes the exec option when the header summary option is not enabled.

        •  23 May 2001 17:12

          Release Notes: This version improves daemon mode operation, can be built on Solaris as well as Linux, and fixes a few bugs. The "Checking for new mail" message was removed, and timestamps were added to other reports. Daemon mode now only reports if something has changed. The console bell rings when new headers are displayed. The exec command is now used whenever new headers are displayed in daemon mode. Config file reading was improved. The help now describes the -c option. All fixed length buffers were changed to dynamic memory to prevent buffer overflows. A memory leak was fixed in daemon mode. A socket is now closed after an error so that sockets are not indefinitely consumed. Fixes were made for a bug in which the default config file was not read, and for a bug where headers were sometimes not listed. A missing From: or Subject: line no longer causes an error.

          •  28 Jul 1999 07:04

            Release Notes: Fixed a bug that only showed one header even if more than one message was present as well as some other minor fixes for ease of use.

            Recent comments

            12 Sep 2001 04:56 squidly

            pop3check supports HP-UX
            pop3check has been verified to build and run on HPUX10 from version 0.100.0 as well as Linux and SunOS/Solaris.

            Simon Liddington - pop3check maintainer


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