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The PoolMan library and virtual JDBC2.0 driver provide Java object pooling, with particular extensions for database resources and caching SQL queries/results across multiple databases. PoolMan eliminates a common bottleneck in enterprise apps and maximizes JDBC performance for servlets, Java Server Pages, and other Java database applications.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Jun 2001 16:00

    Release Notes: Some memory leaks were repaired. Handling of the unlocked-locked object transitions was also repaired. An additional ClassLoader fix which is relevant in deployment scenarios that require use of the System ClassLoader was added. The ability to retrieve the raw physical connection through the DataSource client-side handle was added.

    •  30 May 2001 19:59

      Release Notes: JMX is optional, which circumvents occasional ClassLoader problems that pop up when used with Tomcat and JUnit. Improved performance of pool requests/responses, fixes for metadata and object return notification that were skewing the number of unavailable objects, a couple of new optional elements to the XML config, and a handful of minor additional bugfixes.

      •  17 May 2001 22:19

        Release Notes: A synchronization issue with the thread that automatically returns lost and timed-out objects to their pools has been fixed. A new ResultSetMetaData implementation that corrects problems with several drivers has been added, as well as new configurable elements to handle super heavy load and validation. There are various other minor fixes.

        •  01 May 2001 08:54

          Release Notes: Fixes for a ClassLoader problem causing InstanceAlreadyExists errors which made its appear as if PoolMan couldn't locate your pool in the XML, and a new third-party JAR required for installation.

          •  17 Mar 2001 00:12

            Release Notes: This release rearchitects the internal frameworks to integrate JMX-based management and the Web admin agent for pools, replaces metadata with XML representation, and adds tons of parameters, new docs, a new Web app, and many bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            02 Aug 2003 14:00 kodeCharlie

            no DTD for poolman.xml in v2.0.4
            There appears to be no DTD for poolman.xml provided in v2.0.4.

            19 Jul 2001 16:02 dwalend

            PoolMan cut my build time by 4
            In about an hour, I had poolman set up inside my build. A full build with a lot of jdbc tests used to take about eight minutes. Now it takes two minutes, and the tallest poll in the tent is javadoc instead of database access.

            Good product. Easy to configure.



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