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  •  10 Jun 2007 12:25

Release Notes: New features have been added, including auto-detection of the log file format and tighter integration with JoSQL. There is now better page resolution and support for city/town lookups via GeoIP. Support has been added for charts and resolution of image searches from search engines. The UI navigation model has been changed. Bots and spiders are now identified better. More flexible rules/matches can be created using JoSQL for filtering/collecting visits/hits.

  •  11 Dec 2005 04:20

Release Notes: The program now reports on "site areas", which are logical groupings of pages within your site. It also reports on "visit paths", which are the paths that visitors took through your site. Zipped files are supported transparently. User-defined visit collections may be reported on. Some UI improvements and minor enhancements were made, such as tolerance of badly formatted log entries.

  •  04 Jul 2005 09:06

Release Notes: This release adds major performance enhancements, a re-vamped "friendlier" UI, a Webapp for configuration and control of polliwog for an unlimited number of sites/logs, hit filtering, support for compressed logs and compressed HTML output files, easily extensible page/section generation, the ability to define your own pages/sections in XML, support for custom formatting of data (you can provide your own formatters), an option to not generate a per-visitor HTML page, and the ability to "hide" the visitor's IP address.


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