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Policyd v2 (codenamed "cluebringer") is a multi-platform policy server for popular MTAs. This policy daemon is designed mostly for large scale mail hosting environments. The main goal is to implement as many spam combating and email compliance features as possible while at the same time maintaining portability, stability, and performance. Its features include detailed policy and group specification, access control, helo/ehlo checks (helo randomization prevention and RFC compliance), SPF checks, Greylisting, Quotas, and Amavisd-new integration.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  27 Oct 2013 18:42

Release Notes: Bugfixes and code cleanups.

  •  27 Oct 2013 18:42

Release Notes: Bugfixes.

  •  11 Nov 2012 18:46

Release Notes: v2.1 snapshot. Better IPv6 handling. A Debian package is now included. More debugging and various other bugfixes.

  •  11 Nov 2012 18:46

Release Notes: Bugfixes and enhancements.

  •  10 May 2012 21:39

Release Notes: This release fixes cidr_allow and cidr_deny parsing. It has better support for MySQL 5.5, improved error handling, and fixes a bug with sizes (read UPGRADING).

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10 May 2012 22:06 david32

good! i like this :D

17 Dec 2005 12:51 coelho Thumbs up

Excellent software
I have tried several greylist daemons before trying policyd. All softwares that I tried worked, but are somehow unstable.

Policyd solve that. It's a VERY stable software with several more options than all other greylist daemons i have tried. It has the most flexible whitelist ever.

Congratulations Cami !


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