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POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator

POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator computes gross winnings/losses from Full Tilt and PokerStars, which the IRS requires you to report rather than net profit. It combines games of the same stakes played within a set amount of idle time, netting them out.

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  •  27 Feb 2011 07:51

    Release Notes: A rounding error that caused inaccuracies in certain results was fixed.

    •  26 Feb 2011 06:26

      Release Notes: Improved results output and user interface tweaks.

      •  21 Feb 2011 03:46

        Release Notes: A new customizable idle time setting. Since 1.9.2, various bugfixes to tracking cash games in Full Tilt.

        •  19 Feb 2011 08:33

          Release Notes: Support for Full Tilt Poker was added (beta). Also added was support for selecting the PokerStars audit ZIP, in addition to CSV.


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