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Points&Forces is a set of software tools for architects, engineers, and surveyors. It uses a command line interface. It features a flexible design, total station control, digital camera control, real-time control and visualization, processing of point clouds (from laser scanners or other sources), geometry manipulations, projection of photographs on meshes, photogrammetry, in-situ measurements, and format translations for points, lines, and triangle meshes to formats that include dxf, stl, wrl, and pov. The tools were mostly used for the documentation of cultural heritage sites and buildings.

Operating Systems

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  •  16 May 2012 21:45

    Release Notes: This release adds new manual pages, a new program to convert Polygon File Format (ply) files to triangle files, new options for various programs, bugfixes, and an "uninstall" target.

    •  23 Mar 2012 21:05

      Release Notes: Much simplified installation that follows the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. Improved Tcl interfaces. Improved help files and added example files. Manual pages have been added. A new framework providing help notices for Tcl classes. A Tcl interface to work with packages. A few new programs: 'convert scalar file to the vtk format' and 'to convert binary stl files to ASCII stl files'. Elimination of various bugs.


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