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12 May 2009 02:37 conformix

Main features of this software are as listed below:

1.Web-based software with no client requirements. The users need only web-browser.
2.Centralized policy management for all corporate policies
3.Policy exception management and PDF exception file generation.
4.No software to install. The system comes as VmWare appliance with all software pre-built and configured. However, you can choose to install it on your server as well.
5.Managing multiple policies
6.Drag and drop functionality to re-arrange policy sections
7.Printing policies in PDF format
8.Online submission and processing of policy exception requests
9.Role-based access
10.Embedded HTML editor with commonly used editor functionality.
11.Drill down feature to focus on a particular policy section while editing a policy
12.Spell checking
13.Search capability to look for policy sections related to a particular scenario
Main benefits of this software are:

1.All policies are up-to-date all the time and accessible for users
2.Exceptions to policies can be requested online
3.Get notification for expired exceptions
4.Provides web-based interface
5.You can tweak policy in case number of exceptions on a particular policy section exceeds a certain limit.
6.No need for distribution of updated policies to all audience thus avoiding out-of-sync problem related to policies.
7.The audience has access to the most current policy all the time.


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