Version 1.7.32 of pngcrush

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in version 1.7.30 which caused pngcrush with the "-n" option to crash.

Other releases

  •  16 Mar 2014 17:59

Release Notes: Fixes a bug with reducing 16-bit images to 8-bit using the "-reduce" option. Restores calls to png_set_crc_action(), which had been removed from version 1.7.72 for some testing and inadvertently not restored. Adds code to fix/salvage PNG files with a "bad adaptive filter value" error. Avoids calculating CRC during compression trials except for the last trial, when the output is actually written.

  •  08 Feb 2014 22:42

Release Notes: The bundled static libpng has been updated to version 1.6.9.

  •  19 Jul 2013 00:19

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with the new "-reduce" option which would remove the alpha channel even when it was not all-opaque.

  •  09 Mar 2013 19:38

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in 1.7.52 which caused the -reduce option to produce a tRNS chunk which had more entries than the PLTE chunk (which is invalid).

  •  06 Mar 2013 02:20

Release Notes: This release fixes initialization problems introduced in version 1.7.51, reinitializes settings before processing each file, and makes the "-reduce" option work properly.


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