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pmu tools is a collection of tools for profile collection and performance analysis on Intel CPUs on top of Linux perf. It has a wrapper to "perf" that provides a full core event list for common Intel CPUs. This allows you to use all the Intel events, not just the builtin events of perf. Support for Intel "offcore" events on older systems that do not have support for this in the Intel. Offcore events allow you to profile the location of a memory access outside the CPU's caches. It implements a workaround for some issues with offcore events on Sandy Bridge EP (Intel Xeon E5 first generation). This is automatically enabled for the respective events, and also available as a standalone program. Some utility programs to access pci space or msrs on the command line. A utility program to program the PMU directly from user space ( for counting. This is mainly useful for testing and experimental purposes. A library for self profiling with Linux since Linux 3.3 (for self-profiling on older kernels, you can use simple-pmu. An example program for address profiling on Nehalem and later Intel CPUs (addr). A program to print the currently running events (event-rmap).

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Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2013 23:49

    Release Notes: This version has a new ucevent tool for monitoring uncore metrics like memory bandwidth, power management, QPI, last level caches, and others in a friendly manner on Sandy Bridge EP. The toplev cycle decomposition tool now supports more metrics and more CPUs. Event files for ocperf were updated for supported CPUs. There were various bugfixes and other enhancements.

    •  01 Jul 2013 15:43

      Release Notes: This version added "" for implementing high level cycle decomposition for Intel Ivy Bridge (and Sandy Bridge and Haswell in more limited ways). This allows you to determine which part of the CPU pipeline is a bottleneck for a workload. It also has plotting tools that plot the result, and pebs-grabber, which tracks raw PEBS data through perf. A new tool for normalizing "perf stat -Ixxx -x" output has been added.

      •  16 Jun 2013 23:22

        Release Notes: This is the current release snapshot. pmu-tools is on a rolling release model.


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