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pmpkg provides a script and definitions to build SysV style binary packages for Solaris from source tarballs in an automated way, somewhat similar to ports or ebuilds. It aims for reuse of system packages where possible and a minimalistic dependency set.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2007 12:41

    Release Notes: This release features more robust handling of the package tree in many places. It also includes the usual assortment of new packages (mkvtoolnix, xgcc-i386-elf, 0install, pyhashlib, ilmbase, libebml, libmatroska, smarteiffel) and updates (ddclient, openldap, dovecot, x264, erlang, php4, wine, pcre, wxwidgets, squeak, texmacs, bchunk, openexr, blender, ocaml, wavpack, gossip, ogle, git, star, boost, monotone, sbcl, scons).

    •  23 Apr 2007 13:34

      Release Notes: This release features a new script to create installers from packages. It also provides lots of updates to packages (7zip, blender, cdrdao, chicken, cuetools, cvs, gcc, lame, lua, monotone, openvpn, pantomime/gnumail, qemu, qt, ruby, sbcl, sdl, star, tun, unrar, vice, vim, wavpack, wine, wxwidgets, x264) and adds some more packages (lcms, screen, imap-c-lib, efltk, ede, mldonkey, gperf, loudmouth, gossip, gnustep-gdb, perl-uri, cenon).

      •  17 Feb 2007 15:04

        Release Notes: This release updates the descriptions for wine, monotone, guile, texmacs, erlang, sbcl, and cmake, and provides a new description to build xsane.

        •  22 Jan 2007 15:28

          Release Notes: This release adds 10 new packages and updates over 20 more. Most notably, Wine was updated to 0.9.29. Some convenience features were added, such as support for zip archives, better handling of different installed Python versions, and batch builds of packages. Lots of bugs were fixed.

          •  05 Nov 2006 13:37

            Release Notes: The install script for all packages was missing and has been replaced.


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