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02 Sep 2006 08:07 coudercd

not dead
and to prove that you will find a new snapshot soon that will contain our latest work on shared library support in pmk and pmkscan.

Have fun !

06 Aug 2005 08:36 coudercd

Re: Last changes on pmkscan
Samples have been updated. The pmkscan tool is near from the desired state of the next release.

Have fun !

05 Jul 2005 14:25 coudercd

Last changes on pmkscan
The pmkscan tool has been greatly improved lately. It is now generating both pmkfile and makefile from source scanning.

So a new page has been created to show what this tool is now able to do. You can already look at the two latest samples at the following URL :

Those samples have been done with the latest sources (posterior to the latest snapshot).

10 Sep 2004 10:25 coudercd

Re: CVS statistics


The right URl is (

29 Aug 2004 05:39 coudercd

CVS statistics
As sourceforge is unable to provide CVS statistics since a long time now we decided to provide our own statistics.

Unfortunately they are updated manually as sourceforge does not provide any way to such process.

Anyway those statistics would be interesting for people that want to follow the developement process of pmk:

27 Aug 2004 12:05 coudercd

Project status
Some have maybe noticed that pmk's activity has slowed down since March of this year. The reason is simple: after being unemployed for a long time i found a new job.

That said the project is still alive and is attracting more potential users. We still have a lot of work to do for the 1.0 release but after more than one year spent in the project i'm quite happy of the actual status.

I've been able to make a working pmkfile for BlueFish. The next step would be to test pmk with a greater project like for example MPlayer.

Feel to test pmk and to discuss on our mailing lists.


16 Apr 2004 03:50 coudercd

CUG project is using PMK
We have been informed that the CUG project was using PMK to configure their sources :

10 Feb 2004 01:08 coudercd

PMK tutorial
We added a link to the tutorial (cvsweb) on the website. This tutorial is still a work in progress. Anyway, feedback and suggestions are welcome (as ever ;).

20 Jan 2004 10:58 coudercd

First poll !
The website has now a poll system to help in gathering feedbacks for the project.

08 Jan 2004 10:55 coudercd

Re: Makes little sense

> So, in order to avoid the possibility of
> hidden trojans, you suggest not having
> scripts for configuration? Well, what do
> your non-scripts do? Write makefiles
> full of shell commands that magically
> can't be trojaned? Write makefiles for C
> programs that are magically
> trojan-free?

Yes but instead of having thousands of shell scripts that can be trojaned there is only one remaining with pmk.
That said pmk can configure itself, so if it's already installed on your system you don't need to use the shell script again.
To finish, the script is not as big as a configure script and a lot more simple. So it's not so easy to include a trojan ...

> Completely unaware of the rest of your
> project, I suggest you take the whole
> trojan thing out of your project
> description.

You suggestion has been appreciated but as said above we still think that this mention is true.

Thanks for your contribution,


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