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  •  15 Mar 2004 09:59

Release Notes: There are major performance enhancements to the copy/paste detector. Bug 895661 has been fixed: XML reports containing error elements no longer have malformed XML. UnconditionalIfStatement no longer flags things like "if (x==true)". Two new renderers, SummaryHTMLRenderer and PapariTextRenderer, have been added. The development environment has been moved to Ant 1.6 and JavaCC 3.2.

  •  02 Feb 2004 11:58

Release Notes: New rules: DontImportSunRule, EmptyFinalizer, EmptyStaticInitializer, AvoidDollarSigns, FinalizeOnlyCallsSuperFinalize, FinalizeOverloaded, FinalizeDoesNotCallSuperFinalize, MethodWithSameNameAsEnclosingClass, ExplicitCallToFinalize, NonStaticInitializer, DefaultLabelNotLastInSwitchStmt, NonCaseLabelInSwitchStatement, SuspiciousHashcodeMethodName, EmptyStatementNotInLoop, and SuspiciousOctalEscapeRule.

  •  07 Jan 2004 16:50

Release Notes: The new rules AbstractNamingRule and ProperCloneImplementationRule have been implemented. Bugs have been fixed in JumbledIncrementorRule, AvoidDuplicateLiterals, VariableNamingConventionsRule, OverrideBothEqualsAndHashcodeRule, and UnnecessaryReturn. A ruleset DTD and an XML Schema have been added.

  •  06 Nov 2003 16:09

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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