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PMbyAS is an Italian Web-based management system for time and money spent on resources on a day by day basis. It can reports on jobs that are currently in progress as well as jobs that fall between given dates. A single job can refer to a customer order, an inner or external project, or any other activity of the company.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2010 18:13

    Release Notes: This release adds support for billing. Any activity or expenditure may be billable. The system displays the billable activity, which can be included or excluded in a CSV file for the transfer of information to invoice printing functions (external PMbyAS).

    •  02 May 2009 23:32

      Release Notes: The setting of access rights was renewed according to a functional logic. The main menu was reorganized, which now shows only the functions which you have the right to access. A complete system is included for managing the card and the time stamp, automatically (at login) and manually. A filter system is included to associate certain programs and activities to resources. Automatic calculation of the reimbursement per kilometer was added. A ticket restaurant is included in cash management. The ability to change a password at login was added.

      •  15 Feb 2007 01:55

        Release Notes: This release adds a link to the online manual in the "help generale" menu.

        •  05 Feb 2007 21:28

          Release Notes: It is possible to know the exact number of resources in a distinct day, in the past or in the future.

          •  24 Jan 2007 14:20

            Release Notes: The main new feature is management planning, which involves general organization, planning of the voices of management, and planning of the standard resources. All the resources (such as human, material, assets, and services) are now managed in a uniform way. and preview given fixed and variable data. The procedures of forecast and synthesis have been revised. Some tables were replaced.


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