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plugdaemon is a load-balancing "plug" proxy. It allows you to forward TCP connections to one or multiple hosts, using load balancing or failover, and to route the connections through an HTTPS proxy. Access control is done by source interface or by originating IP. Outgoing connections can be bound to a specific IP address.

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  •  12 Dec 2012 20:37

Release Notes: This release adds cleanup for warnings in more recent versions of gcc. This includes a possible format injection in syslog detected by -Wformat-security.

  •  11 Dec 2007 10:37

Release Notes: Plugdaemon was treating a getpeername failure immediately after accept as a fatal error. This has been changed to log and close the connection.

  •  13 Apr 2004 16:33

Release Notes: This version fixes an initialization bug and various Linux issues. There was a code cleanup, and there are new hash connection structures to improve performance. Load- balancing was fixed.

  •  15 Mar 2004 09:15

Release Notes: A bug in the -r option was fixed. This release also includes the bugfix for the crash in command line parsing that was corrected in version 2.5a.

  •  10 Feb 2004 10:59

Release Notes: A bug in command line parsing (a crash if no session file is specified) has been fixed. Users of 2.5 should upgrade.


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