Version 0.5 of plucker

Release Notes: Support for a wider range of OSes and many enhanced features.

    Other releases

    •  23 May 2004 04:21

    Release Notes: i-mode support, changes to 5-way support in the library, faster rotation, faster aliasing of fonts on 68K, support for (slow) colored anti-aliased text in 8 BPP, support for font remapping via a font package, true italic font support, kerning for antialiased fonts, an improved search form and dictionary lookups, and a new Plucker Plugin Interface (PPI). Aliased fonts now work with colored backgrounds. There were also many new translations and dozens of other features.

    •  09 Nov 2003 06:02

    Release Notes: Most of the changes are internal, and no major features were added. This is a cleanup and bugfix release. External links and UInt16 UIDs were fixed. History recording and seamless fragments were fixed. Fullscreenform now works with OS < 3.5. Multibyte fixes were made for .ch, .jp, and .kr locales. A Handspring/five_way SDK fix was made. Line wrapping and line breaking with multibyte characters were fixed. Library column display was fixed. A short last fragment fix was made. The rotate controls were fixed. Scrolling past the end of a file on Visor Edge and buggy clipping were fixed.

    •  15 Oct 2003 12:35

    Release Notes: Support for anti-aliased fonts, keyboard customization, continuous viewing of more than 32K of text, rendering speedups, display rotation, multiple term search, a new search armlet, AxxPac support, Handspring JogDial and 5-way pad support, support for online access to external links on the Treo600, an option to enable/disable soft hyphens, a Win32 script for handling POST requests, an Outlook VBA macro to extract Plucker URLs, support for images (and tables) larger than 480,000 bytes, support for rotation of images and tables (with 66 Mhz or higher CPU), and the Python parser can now create Multi-image images.

    •  28 Jul 2003 14:25

    Release Notes: This release adds support for high-resolution screens, support for HTML tables, new desktop GUI applications for Windows, Linux, and OS X users, dozens of new options, code cleanups, and enhancements.

    •  18 Oct 2002 16:52

    Release Notes: Full VFS support for external storage cards (SD/MMC, CF, and MemoryStick), Flashplug support, support for Hi-Res devices such as the Sony Clie and Handera 330, 7 new language translations, a new Plucker Desktop GUI interface, a Java distiller, support for Linux, Unix, MacOSX, and Windows, advanced distiller options, a new email-gateway interface, and many more features, tools, and options.


    Project Spotlight


    A command line weather information tool.


    Project Spotlight


    A library that decodes and encodes GIF image files.