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Version 2.21-01 of ploticus

Release Notes: A new data display prefab called "compare" was added, and allows convenient comparison of 1-4 vars across 1-15 categories. It computes means and SD, and displays groups of bars.

Other releases

  •  11 Mar 2009 20:55

Release Notes: A new proc pvalue for computing pvalues on t test. Some other new functionality and some bugfixes.

  •  22 Jan 2008 08:05

Release Notes: Two new plotting procs (catlines and tree) were added. Slanted x axis stubs were added. Input data can now be bar-delimited or the delimitation can be auto-detected. PNG/GIF/JPEG images are incorporated into the result when producing SVG. New data processing capabilities were added. Colors such as xFEDCBA can be specified. A number of other minor feature additions and bugfixes were made. A revision pass was done, affecting all script and attribute parsing, with the goal of eliminating attribute length restrictions where possible.

  •  08 Jun 2006 05:52

Release Notes: Data points are now sharper and not distorted. Venn magnitude charts were added. A number of other new features and bugfixes were added.

  •  30 Aug 2005 14:28

Release Notes: New legend rendering capabilities, Venn diagrams, and other enhancements and fixes.

  •  19 Apr 2005 13:57

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed where xautorange: ... nearest=exact wasn't working for dates, times, or datetimes.


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