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  •  13 Jan 2010 18:40

Release Notes: Many bugfixes as well as performance improvements and better and easier APIs. Plone is now fully eggified and has installers for all major platforms. Plone 3.3.x should be backwards-compatible down to Plone 3.0.x, so older products should continue to work.

  •  16 Sep 2007 17:00

Release Notes: This release adds versioning, AJAX-powered inline editing, automatic locking, a new portlets infrastructure, and much more.

  •  25 Nov 2005 23:58

Release Notes: Notable new features in this release include Smart Folders, LiveSearch ("AJAX" search), improved default content types, and hundreds of bugfixes.

  •  10 Aug 2005 22:15

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: This version features the addition of centralized control panel for setup, addition of groups support, new context menus for adding objects and changing workflow state, an improved sharing interface, additional translations, improved Unicode support, strong support for accessibility standards, highlighted search terms, icons for link types, RSS in more places, font-size switching on the fly, ordering support, and more. The templates were refactored, and there is greater control through CSS, with the choice of standard or table-less CSS designs. There are new tools, testing frameworks, content types, and more.

Release Notes: Plone has finally reached 1.0. It has been tested extensively on several big sites the last week, and has been stable and working well. This is quickly being known as one of the best systems available for managing content on the Web, and there are installers and packages for most platforms and distributions, including Debian, FreeBSD, RPM (Red Hat/SuSE/Mandrake), Windows, and Mac OS X, with Gentoo arriving in the next few days.

Release Notes: This release integrates the ExternalEditor portal_factory tool to smooth over the fact that you can have empty orphaned objects if they are created but not saved.A portal_form tool was added, which co-ordinates the instance, portal_navigation, and the edit forms and acts like a 'Controller'. portal_properties was extended to be a container, and the Topic interface was completely skinned. XSDHTMLEditor was integrated, and a way to add other popup editor boxes was added. A default language can now be specified.

Release Notes: Loads of bugs have fixed. There is a new customization policy (PrivateSiteCustomizationPolicy). A Navigator Controller has been added to ease creation of wizard-like interfaces. Mass publishing has been enabled. In Workflowable Folders OBS, the configurable tabs and buttons category name has changed (this should break all of your old sites). There is a new Plone Tool to remove script cruft in favor of a centralized cmf-like tool.

  •  13 May 2002 04:45

Release Notes: This release includes major speed enhancements, all tabs and actions in the heading bar are now controlled with portal_actions, and there are a new folder_contents feature with instant sorting of contents, a new undo page, and a new search results page. Most content now validates according to the XHTML 1.0 and CSS1/2 specification. There have been lots of CSS changes, and Plone has been tested extensively with Mozilla 1.0, IE5.5+, Opera 6, Konqueror 3 (some minor issues apply), and Netscape 4.7x (still some minor issues).


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